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About us

We are a gospel-centered family of disciples


Worship | Discipleship | Multiplication


Worship priorities:

  • Singing, preaching, prayer, fellowship

  • Personal intimacy with God

  • Devotional life: prayer & Bible reading


Discipleship priorities:

  • Discipling relationships

  • Small groups, seminars

  • Leadership development


Multiplication priorities:

  • Engaging our community

  • Multiplying healthy churches

  • Training & sending missionaries


Key Commitments in Ministry


We joyfully submit to the authority of Scripture.

We believe that the Bible is truly God's word. Therefore, it's always trustworthy and it's always good for us – even when it contradicts our culture. Because God is perfect and we are very much not perfect, his word often corrects and challenges us. We think that's how it's supposed to be! As a church, we want to be shaped and refined by God as we read, understand, and apply his word in all areas of life.

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We are passionate about 

expository preaching.

With expository preaching, the point of the Scripture passage is the point of the sermon. In other words, we don't want to use the Bible to support our ideas; we want to preach the actual message of Scripture. For this reason, we tend to preach through books of the Bible, passage by passage, so that we can see how that book – and eventually, all of Scripture – fits together. Expository preaching is one important way that we let God set the agenda for our church through his word.


We are joined together in meaningful membership.

We believe that when God redeems us, he also calls us into fellowship with one another. For that reason, we're convinced that making an actual commitment to join one local church is an important part of any Christian's discipleship. Of course, we welcome anyone to come and explore Christianity with us any time, and for as long as they'd like! But through meaningful membership, committed Christians don't just go to Redemption Church; together, we are Redemption Church.


We are committed to

biblical leadership. (elders & deacons)

The Bible gives us two offices for leadership and service in the local church: elder and deacon. There are even specific qualifications for both (1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1). In short, elders are qualified men who are appointed by the congregation to teach and shepherd the church. Deacons are qualified men and women who serve the church by meeting the practical needs of our life and ministry together. We're eager to raise up Christ-like elders, deacons -- and all kinds of ministry leaders -- who use their gifts for the sake of God's glory and the good of his people.


We want to multiply

healthy churches.

We love other gospel-preaching, Jesus-exalting local churches; we don't see them as "competition." In fact, we believe local churches are God's strategy for reaching the world. As a church, we want to raise up and send out church planting teams to multiply healthy churches in Milwaukee and around the world. We're also eager to partner with any like-minded church that shares this vision.

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