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What to Expect

when you visit


1.) Ordinary people pursuing an extraordinary God together

We want to be the kind of church where God is clearly the biggest deal in the church – not us. We love meeting all kinds of new people and helping them take their next steps of faith, whether they're just exploring Christianity or are long-time committed Christians. So, wear whatever you're comfortable in and bring all your tough questions! There's no need to impress anyone at Redemption.

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2.) Gospel-centered singing, prayer, and preaching 

Our services are typically about 75 minutes – an hour and a half, tops. They're designed to get our focus on God and to help us become more like Jesus. We're not a real flashy church – that's on purpose. We think the substance of our worship is more important than the style of it. We read the Bible together; we pray and sing about all the rich and powerful things it says; the climax of each service is a 35-40 minute sermon from Scripture that points us to the gospel. We hope you leave thinking, "Wow! This Jesus is a really, really big deal. I desperately need him and the redemption only he can give me."


3.) Children's Ministry (Birth - Grade 4)

We have a great team of passionate volunteers who are eager to care for your kids and point them to Jesus. Each volunteer has been vetted using a thorough background check system. We're also blessed with a wonderful Youth Discipleship Coordinator, Christy Hanes, who oversees our church's ministries for children and students (Birth – High School). We love kids at Redemption! Many of us have kids of our own, and we're also passionate about becoming Christ-like parents together. We would love to get to know you and your family and walk with you however we can.

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4.) Not much extra leg room  😊

We are so grateful for the facility God has provided for us; it has far more parking and children's space than we've ever had before. At the same time, as God continues to grow our church, we're already operating at close-to-capacity. Most Sundays, for example, our parking lot fills up and some people have to park along Apple Tree Lane. If you arrive right as service begins, it may also be challenging to find a seat – we will likely start using overflow seating sometime soon. We are also thinking through our next steps as a church – including a church plant and possible addition. We cannot wait for you to join us, but don't be surprised if it feels a little full on Sunday morning.


5.) A sweet little book store

Our God is a God who speaks; he actually makes himself known to us, using words! Most importantly, he has inspired the writings of Scripture, which are at the very center of who we are and all that we do as a church. But for these reasons, we want to do everything we can to help you grow in your knowledge of this God by recommending and selling helpful books (at or below cost) through our self-serve bookstore. We offer titles on a number of topics: singleness, marriage, parenting, the church, doctrine & theology, etc. Just grab a book, find it on the self-checkout kiosk, add it to the cart, and swipe your card. Consider finding a friend to read it with, too! The book store is open every Sunday morning.


6.) A passion for God's glory "in the church and in Christ Jesus"

We are convinced that local churches like ours are so much more than non-profit ministries; they are vital to God's plan of redemption. We see this throughout the New Testament. Jesus himself promised to "build his Church" (Matt 16:18). The apostles gave their lives to preaching the gospel and multiplying churches (Acts). In one way or another, every NT letter is written to/for local churches. In Ephesians, Paul even prays: "To [God] be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen." Our mission is about so much more than Redemption Church in Brookfield. Join us to learn more about what God is doing, not just at Redemption, but through churches like ours in all the world!

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