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An Important COVID Christmas Eve Update

Hi friends,

Before anyone attends our Christmas Eve services today, I want to share this brief update...

Just a couple hours ago, someone who attended our service last Sunday did test positive for COVID-19. Per our policy, we will not be canceling our Christmas Eve services today, however we do want to notify everyone who is planning to attend. Of course, this COVID-positive individual will not be at either our services today. In fact, I'm confident that no one with a positive COVID test or active symptoms will be in attendance. However, in the spirit of transparency and caution, we want to at least notify everyone who plans to attend today's Christmas Eve services so that you can make the right decision for you and your family.

If you're not comfortable attending the service in person, we understand. You're more than welcome to join us online via Facebook Live. We will stream the 1:30pm service live, and it will be available for the rest of the day for those who want to tune in later. We do have a wonderful service planned, and I hope you can worship with us however you feel most comfortable doing so.

Obviously, this is the last thing we hoped for, especially as we get ready to put an end to an already challenging year -- and on the day of Christmas Eve, no less. But our God is faithful! He has sent us his Son to reign in our hearts as King. And especially in times like these, we long for the day when he will return to rule all of creation in perfect glory.

I wish you all the best this Christmas.

In Christ,

Pastor Danny



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