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Get Ready for our "Ruth" Series Preview & Discussion Night

We are eager to meet together and discuss the book of Ruth as we prepare to begin a new sermon series through it in September. Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 30th at 7pm (RSVP here). In the meantime, here is some pre-work you can do to make the most of this gathering:

1.) Please read through Ruth ahead of time, ideally 2-3 times. Focus especially on chapter 1 (the entire chapter) and chapter 4 (verses 13-21).

2.) Watch this video on Judges.

3.) Please consider the following questions as you read through Ruth:

1. Ruth 1:1 tells us that this story took place “in the days of the judges.”

  1. Who were the judges? (See the video linked above)

  2. When were they in power?

  3. What was this period of Israel’s history like?

  4. Why is all of this significant to helping us understand the author's aim in Ruth?

2. Who were the Moabites descended from? Why did Naomi and her family move to Moab? And what significance might this have for the rest of the story?

3. Characters: Where do each of the main characters come from (what nation)? What is going on in each of their lives? And how do they respond?

  1. Elimelech (See 1:1-5)

  2. Naomi (See 1:1-5, 1:19-21)

  3. Ruth (See 1:15-18)

  4. Boaz (See 2:1-4, 2:14-15)

4. When Ruth marries Boaz, what does that mean for Naomi?

5. How does the author end this story in Ruth 4:13-21? Why? And how does this ending shape the way we understand the overall meaning and message of the book?

6. Read Matthew 1:1-7 and see if you notice any familiar names :)



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