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Redemption Will Soon Have a New Home ... in Brookfield!

Ever since we started meeting as a small Bible study, Redemption Church has always shared space with Nativity Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa. And the people of Nativity have been incredibly kind to us! In so many ways, their building feels like home to us as well. We've met there every Sunday for four years; many of our kids have grow up and built friendships there; we've baptized people in the side yard; we've welcomed over 100 new members in their sanctuary. And yet, throughout the process of planting Redemption, especially as we've seen our gospel-centered family grow, it has become evident that we would really benefit from having our own permanent church facility.

So, for the past two years, we've been actively searching and asking God to provide us with a building of our own. And praise God, recently, he seems to have answered our prayers!

Answered Prayer

In particular, on Sunday, August 14th, I (Pastor Danny) led through a corporate prayer during our weekly service, asking God to help us with our building needs. At the time, we had no prospects. And I specifically prayed, “Lord, we simply want to ask this morning ─ with childlike faith ─ that you would provide us with a property we can call home. Even in a competitive real estate market; even with virtually no church buildings available right now. Open a door for us, Lord. Please provide in this way.”

Two days later, after a brief conversation with the Zoning and Planning office in Brookfield, we were directed to Countryside Christian Church. We were told they “might be interested in selling their property,” even though it was not listed on the market. After reaching out to the pastor, the next day, the elders and building committee walked through the property.

God opened the door.

In the 1990s, Countryside Christian Church had a vision to convert an old barn into a beautiful, functional church building. Now, unfortunately, they are in the process of closing their doors, but they have been eager to see another church carry on the vision of using this space to God’s glory. Shortly after viewing the property that day, we submitted an offer and ─ praise God ─ Countryside Christian accepted it. On Sunday, October 2nd, the members of Redemption unanimously voted to approve the purchase ... and we just closed on the property today, November 1st.

What an incredible Father we have!

Our Love for Wauwatosa and the Move to Brookfield

As excited as we are about this new adventure, at the very same time, we are also admittedly sad that we will no longer be meeting in Wauwatosa. We really love Wauwatosa; we always will. We have a passion to reach people who don't know Christ there. Many of us still live there! Not to mention, Tosa was an important part of our vision to plant Redemption in the first place. Without a doubt, Wauwatosa will always be part of our church's story.

But after more than two years of searching for a permanent home there, and having one purchase fall through after pursuing it for a number of months, we did feel it was wise to extend our search slightly beyond the boundaries of Wauwatosa. After a season of very intentional prayer and discernment surrounding this opportunity in Brookfield, we do feel strongly that the Lord is leading our church in this direction...

And we're incredibly excited about it!

Ultimately, our vision to plant Redemption was never just about one new church in Wauwatosa. The idea was always to plant a regional church that God would use to plant many healthy churches throughout the greater Milwaukee area. This is still our vision, and we feel that vision is just as possible ─ if not more so ─ from this new location. Not to mention, since planting Redemption, God has begun making that vision a reality. Today, without question, we are a regional church. While roughly half of our members live in Wauwatosa, the other half already drive in each Sunday from neighboring communities, including some in Brookfield. Given the way most people rely on cars for everyday travel, we’re also convinced we can still effectively reach people from Tosa, even in Brookfield.

Current Members of Redemption Church

And of course, we also can't wait to settle in and become a part of the Brookfield community! We look forward to being a Christlike presence there and doing faith-filled gospel ministry for many, many years to come. If you have friends or family in the Brookfield area, please let them know we would love to have them join us for service, especially once we start meeting on Greenfield Ave.

The Property: An Incredible Opportunity

The potential for ministry at this property is truly remarkable, we are so excited about it!

First, the property is just 3 minutes off the Interstate using the Mooreland South exit -- very accessible to a wide range of people, both in the city and the suburbs. It is a five acre property with plenty of parking (78 spaces) as well as space for outdoor activities. The building itself has 7 functional classrooms, 3 offices, and a full-size commercial kitchen. The sanctuary currently seats about 160 people, roughly the same as Nativity Lutheran. But on top of all that, the original plans for this property included a Phase 2 addition, which has not happened. So, the property is still perfectly situated for the addition of a brand new sanctuary. And after moving in, we are excited to prayerfully consider and explore this possibility together. Given God's provision over these four years and the incredible opportunity we have to purchase the property, it seems the addition of a new sanctuary is a very real possibility. Maybe even in the not-too-distant future.

For these reasons and many more, we are blown away by God's kindness and provision in leading us to this new home.

Our Next Steps

Now that we've closed on the property we will spend the next two months making a handful of improvements. Our plan is to host our very first service in the new building on Sunday, January 15th. Please mark your calendars and consider joining us! We would love to have you.

About Redemption: All Glory Be to Christ!

If you're reading this for the first time without knowing much about Redemption -- maybe a friend shared it with you because you live in Brookfield -- there are a few things we want you to know about our church.

First, we believe that the one true and living God has revealed himself to us in the pages of Scripture -- the Bible. We are a church that joyfully relies on and revolves around God's word. We want this to be evident in our services, and every aspect of our ministry. Second, we believe that all 66 books of the Bible are working together to point us to one man -- the sinless, resurrected Jesus Christ -- who lived a perfect life and died a sacrificial death to set us free from the power of sin and death. To know and follow Jesus is our deepest longing. (You can learn more about this Jesus and his message, the gospel, by clicking here.) And finally, we believe this great redemptive story of Jesus is the ultimate story that God is using to bring all other stories together and give them their ultimate meaning -- including yours. Each week, we meet to sing, pray and look to God's word so that the redemptive power of Christ's death and resurrection can transform and sanctify us together.

Above all else, we want to make Christ known in Brookfield, the Greater Milwaukee area, and in all the world. In him -- and only in him -- do we find forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, life, redemption, and so much more.

Whether you've known and followed Jesus for many years, or you're just beginning to explore his life and teaching, we would love to get to know you and help however we can. We hope to see you soon in Brookfield!



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